Travel with baby
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With summer right around the corner and people traveling, parents are getting ready to pack up the baby. 

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Here are several tips to help make packing and traveling easier. Click To Tweet
  1. Pack extra clothes including some white onesies to use as throw away clothes for those blowouts or spits ups where it is easier to just toss then carry around wet and stinky clothes.
  2. Pack your and baby necessities in your “carry on” so incase there are any issues your will have diapers, food, water, clothes, and a comfort item at hand at any time.
  3. Wear your baby when you can. This makes traveling in airplane much easier when you have multiple bags and other things to manage.
  4. Find out the requirements through your airline and be sure to have a car seat arranged in any area or vehicle you are traveling in.
  5. Take your time and leave early. You will be so happy with the extra time you have during the times where baby decides they need to eat or an extra diaper change.
  6. Rent through AirBnB when you can. This makes it much easier to have a separate room for baby and to have access to a kitchen and a decent bathroom.
  7. Bring a few small but favorite toys and a book or two for entertainment for baby. They don’t need a lot.
  8. Be sure to pack medical information.
  9. Bring extra blankets for play times in the rest times so baby can play on the ground on a clean surface.
  10. Bring extra clothes. Look at what you go through on a day to day basis and pack an extra outfit each day. You may also like to bring the next size up for clothes so if baby does through a growth spurt you will have access to clothes that baby can fit in and not need to go shopping.
  11. Diapers and wipes. Look at what you go through on a normal day and bring an extra three. This is important for travel days and an extra day (with diapers included) so you are taken care of during times where you can’t pop into a store. It is so easy to just go and grab a pack of diapers and have extra space in your trunk or luggage. Also, you may need to go up a size depending on where baby is, so be open for that chance.
  12. If you are breastfeeding and pumping, have your pump with extra storage bags/bottles and a small cooler with you on your “carry on” so if you need to pump and baby is happily sleeping you can easily do so and there is no need to worry about breast milk leakage.
  13. If you are bottle feeding. Bring two extra bottles so you can easily feed baby when you don’t have access to a way to clean the used bottles. A quick note, the water on the airplanes have extra chemicals in it so it is a good idea to have extra water bottles (you can even ask your flight attendant) to provide water for baby and for you.
  14. Pack snacks for baby and for you.

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Travel with baby

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