Postpartum Doula Support.
Non Judgmental.
Complete care for you and baby.

postpartum doula baby feet with wedding rings on toes
As a postpartum doula, I am able to offer your family support as you recover from birth and learn your baby.

You just gave birth and you have been sent home with this brand new baby. Do you know what to do? Do you feel confident changing their diapers? How do you do sponge baths? How do you care for the leftover umbilical cord? What is the easiest way to dress baby without them getting mad? What is making baby cry when you changed them, fed them, and tried to comfort them?

There are some many questions that can be asked in this Fourth Trimester and with a postpartum doula available, you have someone who can come in and support you and help you feel confident in caring for this little baby along with managing your new family.

I also watch and monitor for any postpartum mood changes and help you find support as early as possible.

I am there for you and your family during this time of growth.

I am able to provide educational, emotional, and physical support, along with providing you with resources to fill your various needs.

  • Making sure you are well fed
  • Help with baby feeding (bottle or breast)
  • Help with baby’s siblings
  • Light housekeeping
  • Allow you to take a shower, nap, or have bonding time with other family members while I care for baby
  • and more

Investment starts at $20 per hour with several packages available to meet your needs for your family.