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Mother’s Day in the USA is right around the corner and moms are being celebrated. 

Stores are putting out flowers, cards, and things that say

“You are great Mom”

“Thank you mom”

“Best mom”

and more.

But we have mothers out there who don’t feel great or like that are enough to be called mom.

We have mothers who lost their babies before they got to spend time in our world.

We have mothers who went through labor and birth to an angel baby.

We have moms who gave their babies up for adoption.

We have moms who adopted their babies.

We have mothers who vaginally birthed their babies.

We have mothers who had a cesarean birth to have their babies.

We have moms who experience(d) postpartum depression, anxiety, and other postpartum mood disorders.

We have families who are trying to have their babies and are having a hard time.

Every single one of these moms and families deserve to know they are enough.

They are good mothers and parents. 

Find these people in your life.

The ones who feel undeserving of Mother’s Day and its gifts.

The ones who don’t have children to shower them with hugs.

The ones who are taken care of on Mother’s Day.

Find every mother and show them that they are enough. They are enough as a mother. They are enough as a parent.

They are enough. 

Give them a hug.

Give them some flowers.

Give them a cup of coffee.

Give them love.


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