It is time to make thoughtful decisions for your birth plan.

birth plans Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

When birth is upcoming, parents start to make decisions concerning their prenatal care, birth, experience, and postpartum period. To be able to make thoughtful decisions, you must first be able to identify your goals and preferences for birth and then understand the benefits and drawbacks of your options. At the end, you can communicate your preferences with your care providers and work together to achieve your goals.

During LC Maternity’s Thoughtful Decisions for Birth Plan creation class will take you through the process to

  • Discover your unique beliefs about birth
  • Understand the decision-making spectrum
  • Evaluate your priorities¬†
  • Learn about topics to consider
  • Understand ways to communicate your preferences
  • Communicating thoughtfully
  • Review sample birth plans/birth preferences list

These classes can be held as private in-home classes, group classes, or online private class.