The birth of your baby is a one time experience that we tend to forget as time goes on.

Don’t forget your baby’s birth with birth photography.

With LC Maternity, you will receive documentary style birth photography.

What does documentary style birth photography mean?

  1. I will document what happens naturally. No posing required. The images will be candid and truthful.
  2. I work on capturing the emotions that is happening as labor progresses and as you meet your baby.
  3. I will capture your story with images.

I want you to have these pictures, that may not look special to others, they are special to you. You will be able to remember and feel the emotions. You will remember how powerful this experience was for you.

As your birth photographer, I will simply be there, present, and ready to capture your story as it unfolds and grows.

Let’s capture the excitement, the anticipation, and everything in between during labor and birth.

We will discuss prior to birth what images you are comfortable with and what images you would like to not have.

Birth is unpredictable, in the event things shift and change, I will continue to capture your story wherever and whenever I’m allowed and welcomed.


Currently I am only accepting 1 birth session in a 4-6 week window between birth photography and birth doula work. This allows me to assure the best customer service and availability to each of my clients. Because of this, it is highly recommended you book early.

I am currently only serving Las Cruces, NM for hospital and home births.