9 things to do before baby arrives
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You are expecting and you have (maybe) just 9 months to prepare and get ready for the brand new human that you will have in your life.

I have an easy and quick list of 9 to-do’s to work on and complete before the baby (or even babies) arrive.

  1. Find your care and support team – This is something that will need to be done ASAP so you are more likely to get the care providers and the support team members you want there. This includes hospital based, birth center based, or home base care providers, along with doulas and photographers.
  2. Schedule and/or take classes – There are many different kinds of classes and ways to take the classes. What do you want to know and what do you want a refresher on? Childbirth education, baby care, infant CPR. Online, in person group, in person private. Many more options.
  3. Plan for and set up baby’s sleeping area – Baby needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep. There are options for safe co-sleeping, bed side sleeping, in room sleeping, or their own room and several in between options.
  4. Talk with your birth team about your birth preferences – having your entire team aware and know what you desire during your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum will allow your team to work together.
  5. Pack your hospital bag – I have a whole blog post about this so you can learn a bit more about what to pack and what is needed. 
    Read the post here
  6. Prepare postpartum meals – Having some quick and easy meals available for meals will allow your family to sleep, bond, and get to know each other easier without worrying about preparing and cooking meals. Click To Tweet This can be done with preparing meals now and freezing them to be placed in the crock pot, Instant Pot, or oven when wanted, Meal Trains with family and friends who prepare and bring meals to you, getting take out menus and gift cards for placing to deliver.
  7. Install the car seat – Before you leave the hospital, you need to have the infant car seat, it is best to have it installed and practicing taking it in and out of the car so you and your family are comfortable with the seat before the big day arrives and your little bundle of joy is buckled into it.
  8. Choose a pediatrician – Start making calls and setting up consultations  and prepare a list of questions to ask each doctor.
  9. Talk with insurance company – It is important to understand the process of getting your baby insured but also what they insurance will cover for not just your labor and postpartum but also baby care.
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9 things to do before baby comes

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