travel while pregnant
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Summer is around the corner and people love to travel but how do you travel safely and easily when you are pregnant?

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One of the biggest tips I can give is that you talk to your care provider. You may have some restrictions depending on your pregnancy along with how far along in your pregnancy you are. A good reminder is that when you are traveling, no matter how early or late in your pregnancy, to be certain you have your medical information because if you need to go in to a doctor or the hospital you can provide them information about your pregnancy, you, and baby.

General Tips

Pack water and¬†drink it throughout the travel to reduce dehydration and possible “Braxton Hicks”
Pack extra snacks including some that are rich in protein.
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch.
Seat in the seat that allows you to stretch out along with getting a direct source of the air conditioning (or heater).
Pack any medication that you take with you.

In the Car

Be sure to wear your seat belt properly. Click To Tweet
Move your seat back to create some extra distance between yourself and the air bag to reduce the impact.
Stop every 2 hours to get up and walk plus use the restroom.

On the Plane

Double check the requirements with the airline as each has slightly different rules on flying during pregnancy.
Wear your seat belt when you can to reduce the bounce from turbulence.
Get an aisle seat if possible so you can get in and off the plane and your seat as easy as possible.
Walk around when you have the opportunity and continue to use the restroom.

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travel while pregnant

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