What is a Maternity Consultant?

maternity consulting pregnant at laptop with notebook openAs a maternity consultant I am your personal, objective, and supportive educator, coordinator, and concierge. Through my knowledge and experience in all things pregnancy, birth, and newborn, and my familiarity with local resources and services, I can save you time, simplify your life, increase your confidence, lessen your stress levels, and help you become the parent you want to be. I am here to help you choose the best options for you, your baby, and the whole family. I customize all of my services for your specific needs and desires, helping you prioritize them and create a plan of action.

I wear the hat of personal educator because the path to motherhood does not need to overwhelming.

My goal is to help you choose the best options for you and your baby, so that you can become the parent you want to be while enjoying the process, stress-free.
We’ll begin with an initial consultation so I can get to know you and determine your needs. From there, I’ll create a customized maternity plan that will cater to your unique personality, desires and lifestyle. Finally, we’ll also set up a plan-of-action so that you actually implement your maternity plan and get the most benefit from my services.

What can I do for you?

Help determine:

  • What type of birth you wish to have
  • How to prepare for that ideal birth
  • What classes should you take?
  • How to create a birth plan
  • How you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy
  • Will you benefit from a doula?
  • How to create a newborn care plan
  • What breastfeeding support will you require?
  • Is your newborn getting enough food and sleep?
  • What support and gear will you need to return to work?
  • How to cope when your initial support is gone
Give custom recommendations on: (*Some are custom to Las Cruces, NM clients only)
    • Childbirth classes that are right for you
    • *Local prenatal exercise options
    • *Prenatal massage, acupuncture, chiropractors
    • *Birth and postpartum doulas 
    • Green products
    • Parenting resources
    • *Classes and holistic services for your newborn (sign-language, yoga, massage, music, etc.)
    • *Maternity/newborn photographers
    • *Lactation consultants and counselors

Who benefits from maternity consulting services?

I work with parents during all stages of expectancy…pregnant, just about to give birth, and even postpartum! I find that parents-to-be seek out assistance for many reasons, including:

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the preparation process, and uncertain when or how to begin
  • Just seeking some extra information and resources and a little guidance on the process and timing of preparation
  • Live far from family or on bed rest, and in need of a little extra support to help prepare
  • Simply too busy to figure out all of the baby-related information and options available in today’s world and seeking a single source to summarize and expedite the process

Investment starts at $25 for each session (2 hours); done via virtual chat and email.