galatians 5-22-23
noun: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Everyone measures success in different ways and each person […]
dilated 1cm
You are at the end of your pregnancy. That date you circled on your calendar as […]
My Promise to you as your doula
Dear YOU, Being pregnant and a new parent is hard, you are busy with trying to […]
Planning your birth trip
As I was preparing to go on my short trip today I knew I had to […]
Why Childbirth Classes are important
Childbirth classes are developed to teach the basics and normal of pregnancy, childbirth, and even postpartum […]
Las Cruces birthing locations
Both birthing locations are doula friendly! One important note: Something women don’t consider is that you […]
Las Cruces prenatal care provider
A common question that is asked is some kind of variable of “This doctor vs That […]
choosing your care provider
Choosing a care provider can seem tiring but it is important to take your time during […]
massage doula support
The ultimate accessory for your labor! I have graduated and received my License from the State of […]
your brain during labor
Brains Games is a show I love watching and we always learn something. We recently watched Season […]
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