babys first easter holiday
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There is a whole year of first holidays for your baby but today we are going to talk about the first Easter.

Easter is an easy holiday and can range from religious to relaxed and can be outside or need travel. Click To Tweet

So everyone’s Easter Holiday will look different but here are some tips to help make your Easter easier and more enjoyable with your baby.

  1. Play dress up and take family pictures. Those adorable bunny bonnets and beautiful dresses and the oh so sharp suit are all great options.
  2. Plant something and allow your baby to help by picking out the seeds/bulbs, patting down the dirt, pouring the water. This is something that will be a great gift each year as it blooms. Plus Easter is about rebirth and what better way to experience that by seeing a plant be reborn every year.
  3. Dye and hunt for Easter eggs. There are so many different ways to color and decorate eggs so you can easily adjust for the baby and their age. Plus watching babies toddle or crawl around in search of the bright colored eggs is so adorable and a great photo opportunity.
  4. Make a baby Easter basket. The baskets can be as simple as rattles, sippy cup, etc. Add a couple of plastic eggs to bring color (older babies may be able to open them to add a special treat inside) with something to rattle in it (beans are great).
  5. Go to church. There are many different types of church services and many are usually open to bring young children and babies. It is important to be sure to bring extra clothes and meals/snacks to help keep baby happy and to avoid any accidents.

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babys first easter holiday

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